At ABG, our global reach extends to over 130 countries, as we proudly export an extensive array of high-quality commodities and merchandise, delivering excellence worldwide.

Our diverse export range encompasses:

Saffron: With an annual capacity ranging from 3 to 5 metric tons, we uphold Grade A+ quality and specifications.

Dry Fruits: Boasting an annual capacity of 100 metric tons, our selection includes Walnuts, Almonds, Dried Mulberries, Raisins, Dried Chickpeas, and Pistachios.

Hand-Knotted Carpets and Rugs: Our annual capacity reaches an impressive 10,000 square meters, with quality and specifications ranging from 100 to 500 knots per inch.

Semi-Precious and Precious Gemstones: Explore the allure of Lapis Lazuli, Ruby, and Emerald, each a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Liquorice Root: Our annual capacity of 5000 metric tons ensures a consistent supply of this prized ingredient.

Lithospermi: With an annual capacity of 2000 metric tons, we deliver the finest quality to meet your requirements.

At ABG, our dedication to providing the highest caliber of products shines through in every export, fostering global connections and trust. Explore the world of ABG exports today.